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Remember The Night The Warriors Won 73 Games And Nobody Gave A Shit?

The Warriors quest for 73 wins was pretty ridiculous to watch. Ultimately they didn't win the title which is a big time choke job, but the actual feat of going 73-9 is something that I would imagine isn't beat for a lonnnnng time. I was 9 when the Bulls went 72-10 so it's not like I really remembered everything about that Bulls team so it was cool to witness this achievement with an actual functioning brain. 

This should have been a huge deal that night back in 2016, but at the time I can't remember anyone really caring all that much. Why? Well because there was a much bigger milestone happening. April 13th 2016 is waaaaaaay more about Kobe Bryant than it is about that Warriors team. You win 73 games and you should own the sports world, but that is for sure not what happened.


It was Kobe's final game of his career. Shaq wanted 50. Kobe was quick to turn that request down. He then went out and dropped 60

You can be like me and hate the Lakers with every fiber of your being, but that was an all time moment. One of the coolest things I've ever watched. Twitter was going INSANE in real time watching Kobe put on that masterpiece. It was something straight out of a movie that didn't feel real. I think all of us couldn't believe what we were watching. Nobody has ever scored more points in the final game of their career than Kobe's 60. It got to the point where the entire world became enraged when any other Laker even thought about shooting the ball. You'll remember Kobe went 22-50 (6-21) in that game that the 17 win Lakers just squeaked out. They needed every one of those 60 points and honestly it was the perfect send off for an absolute legend.

I dunno what will happen first, but my guess is that a team will win 73 games again before someone drops 60 in their final game at the age of 37. It's a little crazy this was already 4 years ago, it feels like this shit just happened. 

RIP Mamba, what a moment.