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We Did It! Philadelphians Lead The Nation In Wearing Sweatpants

PhillyNow - Philadelphia’s a city on the move. In fact, it’s moving so fast, that its residents are taking comfort in an old standby: sweatpants. According to a study released by Experian, Philadelphia remains the American champion for per capita sweatpants “consumption.”nn“We ask our survey respondents if they bought any sweats in the last 12 months,” says the marketing firm, “as well as the number of individual items they purchased.” Interestingly enough, Philadelphia comes ahead of much larger cities, including New York City and Los Angeles. “While the runways boast couture and fashions that you rarely see walking down the street,” explains Experian, these cities “keep comfortable in their sweats.”

Leading the league, baby! We were already living in the most Toxic City In The Country (seriously), now Philadelphians have joined together and announced that we simply don’t care anymore. And why would we? It’s freezing, nobody likes each other and we’re not going to see a playoff game in ANY sport until at least 2016. We’re miserable, we might as well be comfortable. Also, Philly has been named the 9th kinkiest city in the US. Take that as a silver lining while pitching a tent in your sweats.

Seriously, did they just travel to Northeast Philly to gather this intel? You don’t exactly see this kind of wardrobe behavior in Center City. Mayfair, however, is the land of letting go.