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Why Wasn't I Informed Sylvester Stallone Was Hanging Out On The Art Museum Steps?

FTW – In this Jan. 17, 2015, photo provided by Peter Rowe, Rowe, right, takes a selfie with friends Jacob Kerstan, left, Andrew Wright, third from left and actor Sylvester Stallone in Philadelphia. Rowe said the three friends had just finished racing up the staircase at the city’s Museum of Art when they saw Stallone.

Somebody dropped the freaking ball. Rocky himself was chilling on his most iconic spot literally 2 min from my shack and nobody informed me? Unacceptable. I would kill for the chance to run with Philly’s greatest imaginary friend. It would be like the time he raced Apollo Creed on the beach, only somehow with more sexual tension.

Bonus: The time I flashed Mo in a race up the steps then avoided getting stabbed by a couple of Saints fans on parole. #Memories