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The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore Has Some Serious Potential But, Seriously, Does Every Single Thing Really Have To Be About Race?

(Skip to 16:07 to The Keeping It 100. Larry: “Bill Burr, if you can choose the race of your child, what would it be?” Bill: “Are you kidding me? White. That’s the easiest question I’ve ever had.)

First and foremost, I’m a big time Larry Willmore fan. He’s hilarious behind the scenes as a writer and on camera he’s even better. If there’s anyone out there who finally deserves a shot at primetime, it’s Larry Wilmore. The man has paid his dues. And once they revealed the format of the program I was excited because it seemed like they were getting a Politically Incorrect/Tough Crowd vibe back where anything goes. Overall I give the premiere a solid B. The monologue was sketchy but The Keeping It 100 bit absolutely killed. (Sidenote: Bill Burr is yet again in hilarious while giving zero fucks while Cory Booker needs to stop being so PC and man up. We need politicians to grow some sack). I know it’s the first show and there’s going to be bumps in the road. That’s natural for any program. But is almost every single joke, topic and discussion really going to be about race?

I am not ignorant. Racial and discriminatory issues are a HUGE problem in this country and around the world. Everyone needs to pick it up in regards to equality. But for me to be able to watch and enjoy Wilmore’s show every night it’s going to have to branch out from the singular subject of race. That’s all. And I feel white man guilt even saying that because I know, recently more than ever, it’s a touchy subject. But I would have the same feelings if a comedy show was this devoted to ANY topic. People know my mancrush on Bill Burr is borderline restraining order worthy, but I wouldn’t be able to watch a show of his if the only thing he talked about was how much women suck every night. And I LOVE a good ol’ fashioned bitch bashing, but you gotta mix it up. Obviously race is going to be a focal point of the show. That was evident since the original name for the program was “The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore”, but I just hope the content stays fresh enough to the point where the audience doesn’t get fatigued. I say this because I think Wilmore has potential to be a star. A cultural phenomenon the likes of Colbert. He’s way too talented to latch onto one topic and has to be able to adjust to the off speed pitches, too. Anyone can knock a fastball out of the park if that’s the only times they swing.

I’d be remiss in mentioning Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn and not mention when Greg Giraldo eviscerates Denis Leary. Easily one of my favorite TV moments of all-time. That genius died WAY too young.