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Those Savages At ISIS Have Hacked Into US Government Accounts And Are Spewing Classified Information


Bastards. I guarentee some bureaucratic jackass is regretting not updating that password from America1 when he had the chance. I’m not posting all the info in the Tweets because I’m a damn American. There’s no way I’d willingly spread obvious classified information and the personal details of those in the military. And I’m not gonna joke around and taunt them saying “Oh this is the best you can do from your caves you barbarians?”. They don’t even deserve that. But I can’t deny the fact that Cyber Warfare is pretty damn scary. No, this may not have a direct impact on our immediate lives, but what if these assholes have the ability to cut the cord on the Internet just for fun? Screw Barstool, cute videos and porn (ok, maybe not porn), a long term Internet blackout would send the economy directly into the shitter.

In all seriousness, Twitter shut down Dave for his visually disturbing but harmless Twitter image but can’t root out ISIS from their platform? That’s bad show.