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Liam Neesen Prank Calling His 'Taken' Daughter's Real Life Ex-Boyfriend Is Fantastic Stuff

CONAN Highlight: Liam is very protective of Maggie, so pity her ex-boyfriend when he got a “particular set of skills” call from Liam.

Yes, I had a stroke writing that title, too.

You can basically copy and paste everything I said about this man when he arm wrestled Jimmy Fallon this week. There’s no such thing as Liam Neeson “turning it down a notch”. The guy is going full man around the clock. And this may be considered a “prank” to us little people, but it’s not a joke to Bryan Mills. If that ex ever comes within 20 miles of the actor or his fictional kin he’ll sniff him out, tie him up to electrical wires and let him fry. You don’t mess with a man’s fake daughter while he’s for some reason concerned with a teenager’s love life.
Obligatory video for every Liam Neeson Post:

No wait, not that one. Even though nobody with a life really knows/cares about the Jets. This is what I meant (with bloopers):