Chase Utley Went On Ellen To Surprise A Fan Fighting Cancer Because Chase Utley Is The Man


SN – Chase Utley is a fan favorite in Philadelphia, and during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he wound up helping to surprise one lucky fan. Julie Kramer, who is battling a rare form of soft tissue cancer, was talking with Ellen about her Philly fandom when Utley walked out to deliver some swag. It was a special moment, and Utley invited Kramer to come to any game she wanted to attend next season.
How sweet. When your team isn’t going to do anything on the field then you might as well make the most of everything off the diamond. Props to Chase for going on a show knowing he’d be the second most masculine on camera. Anything for a fan fighting the good fight. Most selfless athlete in the game today.

Click here to see the video that can’t be embedded because it’s posted on “Ellentube”. I repeat, Ellen Degeneress has created her own Youtube and has 17 MILLION likes on Facebook. Good Lord. Just pray Ellen doesn’t tell these housewives to arm themselves with their homemade crafts that “should be selling for a lot on Ebay” or we may be looking at a battle for mankind.

And keep on doing your thing, Julia. #RightOnFightOn #FuckCancer

Obligatory – Oh shit there’s stickers: