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Protesters To Stage A "Die-In" After Eagles Game And Will Block Off The Entrance to I-95


(WPVI) — Local protesters calling for justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner may cause traffic trouble for Eagles fans Sunday night. They are scheduled to hold a die-in at the end of the game on the corner of Broad and Pattisonm, right across the street from Lincoln Financial Field. That’s where fans will be trying to get on to I-95 to return home.

I’m all for people wanting protest peacefully, it’s another thing to disrupt innocent people’s lives. And it’s BATSHIT to do it outside of an Eagles game when possible angry drunks are trying to get home. Heaven help these people if the Eagles lose. Might as well call it a mass suicide.

Missed my flag football championship on Wednesday because these asshats were lying down in the middle of the road and I couldn’t get my car out. Wasn’t happy to say the least.