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Here's Two Love Birds Going At It Hard On The Toilet In A Dirty Bar Bathroom





A buddy of mine took these pics the Saturday after thanksgiving. Dude got a BJ and fucked this girl in the stall. The bathroom in this bar is always fucking disgusting, but hey he got it in and that’s more than I can say this weekend.

We have this only a day after the SAVAGE Thanksgiving eve slay caught outside a public restroom in NC? And they say romance is dead. This dude reeled in one hell of a catch. If she’s classy enough to let her bare hands and feet touch the linoleum floor then you know she’s down for a ride on the shitter. He should have doubled down and requested a blumpkin. Gotta shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Or the planet Hepatitis. Whichever comes first.

El Conquistador’s backsweat is the stuff of legends. Taking those pants off has gotta be a lot of work.