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Silver Lining To Global Warming: People Are Now Using Google Earth To Find UFOs In Antarctica

Oh. Fuck. Yes

(International Business Times)--UFO expert claimed to have spotted a triangular alien aircraft that was buried under ice and snow in the Antarctic region. According to the expert, the alleged craft proves that aliens have been on Earth for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The strange UFO sighting was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He said he came across the image of the alleged alien craft while he was using Google Maps.

Through the application, Waring decided to virtually explore Antarctica. As he was taking a tour of the region, he came across an object that was partially buried underneath snow and ice. Upon closer examination, Waring noted that the object looks like an alien vessel.

Based on the images, Waring noted that the object has a metallic-like body with a triangular shape. It also has a hump on its center. The UFO expert noted that the object resembles the TR3B experimental aircraft

LOVE this guy. Absolutely love him. He probably doesn't even know that a coronavirus is happening. He spends every waking moment just crusing Google Earth looking for images of UFO crash sites in Antarctica. Oh what's that grainy looking black triangle thing? Definitely not just a mountain, shadow, or rock. It's a UFO. And not any ancient TR3B, duh. 

Obviously, this guy is a crazy person. Crazy like a fox with 35k youtube subscribers. I will say though...while climate change and sea level rise are bad and not good, it will be fucking SWEET to see what is under all that ice. It's a 15 million year old time capsule. That's how long Antarctica has been frozen under miles of ice at the bottom of the world. There's probably all kinds of cool shit down there. New weird animals. Maybe the Lost City of Atlantis. Cavemen. Maybe intact frozen dinosaurs just waiting to be turned into Jurasic Park. Maybe even fucking aliens. I mean if Aliens crash landed anywhere else I would expect humans to have found their space craft by now. Proof of aliens could just be chilling under the ice for 15 million years and when we are all living on boats in the future I hope we get to find it.