The Most Googled Costume In Each State Map Doesn't Bode Well For The Youth Of America


HP – Some states are making a topical Halloween choice this year, opting for Frozen costumes or dressing as the mythical Slenderman. Others will keep it classic, dressing as doctors or cheerleaders. This map, made by SumoCoupon, a website that offers discounts at various stores, shows which Halloween costumes are the most “trending” in each state. Their team analyzed Google search volumes to determine which costumes were the most Googled in various parts of the country. Americans love to emulate their favorite film characters… and apparently three states have a banana obsession.

I get the Frozen, football players, and Slenderman (WTF am I that old/out of the game?) costumes. All par for the Halloween course. But what kind of weird fucking kid wants to be a banana? And these are 4 separate states in Union, no less. That’s a lot of wildcards in this country that will be registered voters in a decade.

I’ll admit, sadly, I’m not a big Halloween guy anymore. I give the ol’ last minute effort and end up getting fisted with Freddy Krueger claws at Halloween Adventure. Seriously, how is a generic “one size fits many but not your tall, fat ass” costume a child sewed in Indonesia for $0.11 cents cost $60? But it’s my fault because I have no idea what else to do. I threw out on Twitter if anyone had any suggestions and it was either “You’re already a LEGO” or “Just wear your normal clothes and go as a faggot”. Solid advice all around. And making my own costume is out of the question. I’m barely able to make Mac & Cheese without giving myself 3rd degree burns. There’s no way I’m crocheting my own outfit out of $5 of materials from Target. So I understand Googling an idea for a costume and running with the results.

And what’s with Florida whipping out Deadpool? Pretty random superhero for kids to follow. The character must have a Meth Addiction or something. If people in the Sunshine State really want to scare the socks off people they should just go as themselves.