Bruce Bochy's Hat Size Is 8 1/4??? HA!


Link to the short, decent Tim Kurkijan video about Bruce Boche’s melon

ATF – It’s pretty common knowledge that San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy has the biggest head in all of baseball. His helmet size is an 8 1/4. In fact, according to this video by ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian (also embedded below), when Bochy was traded to a new team as a baseball player, he had to take his helmet with him. The new team then has to paint his helmet and their logo on it because they never had one big enough for him.
What a freak! There’s a new lord of Easter Island in town. I know I shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses, but Holy Moly. Back in the days when I played baseball I sported a 7 1/2. Shit, Barry Bonds looked like a legitimate orange on a toothpick during his sauced up prime and his head only swelled to 7 3/8. I’d be the best manager on Earth too if I could fit 3x the amount of information in my noggin. Somebody sipped on a little too much of Mr. Burns’ Brain & Nerve Tonic during his playing days.

Little tip for Bruce and my other big headed brethren: When you’re already trying to balance a microwave on a toothbrush, best not be the one closest to the camera. Gives off the exact opposite effect desired.