Cutest HS Touchdown Ever Features 8-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Juking And Jiving His Way To Paydirt

YouTube – Hats off to the Mosinee team for making a dream come true for Rhinelander’s honorary captain in the last game of the season. Gabe (an 8-year-old with Down syndrome) is the little brother of #84 and the Hodags biggest fan. Listen to the Mosinee fans join in the fun at the end and “chide” their players for not making the tackle.

Awesome stuff. You can’t hate on this kind of thing and still have a soul. But what is an 8-year-old doing on a high school football field? Does he have Up Syndrome? Good for him, but he probably shouldn’t playing with the big boys. It only takes one dick on the field to want to make an already good video go viral and launch the poor kid into orbit*.

*Is it wrong to think that would kind of be hilarious in one of these videos? Not saying it’s right, just to mix it up a bit. If I’m going to hell I’m taking all of you with me.