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Little Girl Goes Full Spaz When Dad Decides To Play Peek-A-Boo With A New Face

Can you blame her? This has to be outright sorcery for a child. How would you feel if the most important person in your life just pulled a Face/Off in front of your eyes and you couldn’t explain why? My father shaved his mustache off when I was like 5 and I flipped shit cause I believed Mommy killed Daddy and now this stranger was sleeping in his bed. The poor guy grew it back and kept the pushbroom till I was done high school cause he was scared I wouldn’t recognize him again. Granted, I was also one of those kids who liked the taste of stamp glue a little too much and probably shouldn’t have had that initial reaction, but still it’s the thought that counts. This was way past the point of mustaches being socially acceptable and years before they became somewhat ironic. Dude sucked it up and looked like a pedo for over a decade for the family. Not this selfish daddy here. This dick of a pops has no problem getting his kid ready for therapy.