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How Would You Build Your Barstool Content All-Star Team Using $15?

There is nothing hotter in the streets than building shit with $15 - just ask Trill Withers. Everyone is coming up with build this NFL team, build that NBA team, build this TV show, etc. So why not jump into the Barstool game and we have heavy hitters only here. Rules are simple. You have $15 to spend to build your ultimate Barstool team, you can spend it any way you want but obviously once you list something it's gone - sorry, I know you want 15 UK blogs. 

Here's how I'd spend my money: 

$1 Reags UK blogs ($14 left) 

What am I not going to pick myself and my favorite team? 

$3 Betting Akron with Jack Mac ($11 left) 

Here's the thing. Betting Akron with Jack Mac is going to lose you money - a lot of it. I don't care how hot the tip is. That said, it's also like playing the lottery with the idiots you sit in a cube with. You HAVE to play it because if you don't and it comes in you're left out of the joy and the ride. That can't happen. 

$2 Kate's Paintings ($9 left) 

They are something! Plus, I'm worried Kate is going a bit insane living with her cat, so we're going to pick her for sanity reasons.  

$4 Agree with KFC on topics ($5 left) 

A KFC blog is how I ended up finding Barstool back in the day, so I find myself agreeing with him more than not. Perhaps it's the fact we're both miserable sports fans. Perhaps it's the dad in me. I don't know. But sign me up for all the contrarian takes. 

$5 Brandon Walker thirst traps ($0 left) 

Everyone is horny in quarantine. Best thrist trapper in the game. 

Breaking down some other pros/cons of picks here: 

Dave's apartment - That thing is a war zone and I hate cleaning. Who knows where those boxes came from and there are far too many weapons for my liking. That said, as Donnie said, you're going to get a lot of face time with the boss.

Chain yourself with WSD - Plenty of baseball talk, plenty of TV talk - all positives. At the same time you have to listen to him chew and get drunk as you're chained together. Also a severe risk of lightning hitting 100 yards away and WSD ripping your arm off diving to the ground. 

Passive-aggressive fights with Kmarko - Based on the video it looks like you're hanging out in an incredibly clean, nice apartment. Can talk about pretty much any topic with Keith. Cons though would be he would 100% start to hate you and then you're dealing with the passive-aggressiveness. 

Chaps' Truck - Well on one hand, it's not here. On the other hand he might get a sweet new one. 

So how do you build your All-Star team?