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This Guy Attempting To Tackle Multiple Moving Cars Is All Heart

Suicide attempt. Insurance fraud. Pure batshittidy. I don’t care what this dude’s reasoning is for going full boar into moving cars. This guy leaves it all out on the field. Get him an Eagles uniform and put him on special teams immediately. If Alex Henery is still the kicker that means we’re the only squad in the NFL who will have to deal with kickoff coverage EVERY SINGLE TIME. This man is the perfect candidate to break open the wedge (if it’s still legal to make one returning, which I’m 100% sure it isn’t). Führer Goodell is salivating at the prospect of having someone willing to be declared brain dead on the field yet still somehow have the capacity to walk it off.

If movies have taught us anything it’s that hustle and dedication can override all. These truck sticks are made from the heart: