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Where Were You For Spiral Ham's Easter Day Miracle?


Home? Yeah you were probably home. Either way, what a moment. This is why we watch sports. This is why we toil away with our team year in and year out hoping to some day reach that finish line. Heartbreak, sadness, despair, all because you dream of  getting to the mountain top just once, just one time. And yesterday that one time happened. All the people who have stayed true to that dumb bitch's incompetence, you deserve your moment in the sun. A moment that we will tell our grandchildren about someday because at this point I fully expect sports to never come back and my toy horse racing league to become the only competition left on Earth, not to be dramatic or anything. See you all tonight, can lightning strike twice? We'll find out 6:57 post time. 


If you had told me that I'd someday be 35 year old father playing with toy horses and fighting with teenagers on twitch every night about my made up obese Offesnive Coordinator in a video game that came out 7 years ago. I'd say, thats pretty fucking sweet. 


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