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Dad In Cargo Khakis Absolutely Wallops Guy Harassing Him On Father's Day

You see those bags he had to drop? No wonder this Dad is on edge. It’s the one day of the year he’s supposed to be appreciated and of course the wife sends him out on errands to pick up a variety of pointless happy crap. It wasn’t the instigator that made him want to fight. No, no, no. That aggression was caused by years of pent up anger from the family, bosses and constrictions caused by the life of an average, middle-aged white man who has no choice but to wear cargo khaki pants. All he needed was one little thing to make him snap. Sure, maybe he shouldn’t have crushed the guy’s head like a watermelon once the fight was clearly won, but once the switch flips it’s hard to turn it off. Pops saw red and that was that.

Sweet sorta leg sweep at :09. Akin to Ryu in Street Fighter just replace highly trained martial artist with a father of 3 who hasn’t done anything close to athletic since retiring from college intramurals 20 years earlier.