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Del Zotto Snipes, Flyers Win 1-0, Are Still Undefeated Since The All Star Game

Flyers 1, Leafs 0

The Flyers are currently on a 4-game winning streak and they haven’t lost since the All Star break. If this trend continues, by my calculations, the Philadelphia Flyers will be your 2015 Stanley Cup Champions. Forget all that #TankForMcDavid talk, we’re gearing up for a parade down Broad, bitches. The Flyers are the closest thing to a chick with daddy issues that a professional hockey team can be. One minute they’re hot as shit going on 4-game win streaks. The next minute they’re an absolute train wreck and all you can hope for is one of their friends to take them home from the bar and the hell away from society. But it is what it is. I’ll enjoy the win streaks now and despise them once the Flyers solidify their 10th overall pick in the draft.

Del Zotto On A Million-Game (6) Point Streak

Are 3 goals and 4 assists in the past 6 games good? Like is that something that you’d be looking for in a hockey player or am I just an idiot? All you “Del Zaster” clowns can go eat a big ol’ bag of dicks because MDZ is the hottest defenseman in the league right now. How he was ever a healthy scratch will never cease to baffle me. Not only is the scoring production there, but he’s been playing solid D as well. Not the greatest defense you’d ever see in your lifetime but for sure more than good enough when you combine it with his offensive skills. 2-way hockey.

Stone Cold Steven Mason III

I’m convinced that Steve Mason is a really good goaltender in the National Hockey League. I just wish it didn’t seem at times that he was made of glass, because if he could stay healthy over the next few seasons, watch out. Last night was Mase Daddy’s 100th game as a Flyer and capping it off with a shutout was a beauty move. But seriously, Steve. Please be careful out there because you scare the living shit out of me. I love Zepp and Emery as humans, but it’s a different story when they’re inbetween the pipes.

Pork Chops and Simmer Play Their 500th Career Games

Both Jake Voracek and Wayne Simmonds played their 500th career games last night. So I just figured that’s a good enough excuse to re-visit this awesome exchange from the preseason.

Great guys. On and off the ice. Now give me the music and give it to me loud.