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Rate This Latvian Rap Tribute To Sabres' Zemgus Girgensons

Now I’ll be totally honest. I’m no Zollo. I don’t know dick about music and what’s the new hottest tracks all the young go-hards listen to these days. Also, I don’t know how to speak Latvian so I really only understand ~15% of this song. But what I can tell you from the parts that I do understand and the video itself is that this is a jam. It passes the test of “does this song get me to bob my head and occasionally wave my hand around to the beat” so that’s all I really care about.

Girgensons lead all NHL players with 1,574,896 fan votes to get into the All Star Game on January 25. I’m gonna venture to say that roughly 1,574,890 of those votes came from IP Addresses in Latvia. The other 6 were a combination of mistakes and Sabres fans.