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Breaking Down The Most Hatable Characters On The Sopranos

I started the Sopranos again. It's one of those shows where I feel like I've seen every episode 100x, but I've only watched the series straight through once and that was back when it was originally airing.  

We're quarantining though, so I figured "fuck it" and started it from scratch. This isn't exactly breaking news, but there are a LOT of hateable characters in the show, and I wanted to see what the people thought, so I threw it to a poll:

The results STUNNED me, for reasons I'll get to in a moment. And yes, there are obviously other hateable characters in the show, but the poll was obviously limited to 4 people max, so I rolled with who I figured were the top dogs.  Oh, and before we get to the breakdown, this chick is MAD horny:

To be honest I kinda forgot about her. She's sexy as fucking hell though. Guaranteed freak. (Yes I'm horny too, quarantine is killing me) 

Okay now onto the breakdown, where we'll start from the top. Oh and there are spoilers here, but if you haven't watched a 20 year old show or w/e it is at this point that's on you.


I just came to a revelation: Janice Soprano reminds me of a certain former 670 update anchor that has had a few run-ins with Barstool over the years. Nag nag nag, bitch bitch bitch and SO goddamn annoying. Just always getting under everyone's skin and wants people to feel bad for her. I really fucking hate this asshole. Oh, and I YouTube'd "best of Janice Soprano" and there weren't any "best of" videos made of her. I feel like that's some sort of measuring stick for how much her character sucked.

But with that said, she's responsible for killing one of the biggest cocksuckers on the show, Richie Aprille:

if I could have done a poll larger than 4 people, Richie would have undoubtedly been the next on the list. Fuck that guy. 

AJ Soprano:

Such a beta cuck bitch loser. How in the FUCK is he the spawn of Tony Soprano, the ultimate power tripping asshole? I makes NO sense. It's incredible. Just such an idiot. Even Tony thinks so:

Fuck outta here AJ, you loser. I don't know if I hate you more than anyone else on the show, but just know that myself and everyone else hates you so fucking much, you beta cuck bitch.

Livia Soprano:

The very first word that comes to my mind when I think of Livia Soprano is this: cunt. Livia Soprano is a cunt. Always scheming and using her age and deteriorating mental state as an excuse to get out of shit. FUCK her. Absolutely vile human. Couldn't have been more happy when she died.

Out of the first three people, I'd say I hate her the most followed by Janice and that beta cuck bitch AJ. She doesn't hold a candle to the next person though:

Ralph Cifaretto:

I was SHOCKED that Ralph didn't just run away with the poll, but that he came in dead last. I HATE this motherfucker. Hate hate hated him, and it was mostly because he treated the whooooaaaaahhhh Tracee like complete shit. She was such a sweetheart at her core!!! Really nice girl!  She didn't deserve what came to her!!!


Oh but his death scene was all time: 

Was he a great earner? Yep absolutely but that doesn't make him the worst piece of shit on the show.  Him getting whacked is what he gets for (maybe? I forget) whacking Pie 'O My. But his one liner to Tony right before the fight was fantastic, I will give him that

What are ya a vegetarian? You eat beef and sausage by the fuckin' car load

I hated the other characters, sure, but Ralph was the absolute WORST fuckwad out of all the fuckwads on the Sopranos. Fuuuuck that guy.

So there you have it.