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Wake Up With The X-Men Cartoon Intro

Say what you want about every day in quarantine feeling the same. But we can all agree that Quarantine Mondays are much worse than every other day because sitting at home doing nothing is replaced with sitting at home doing work. So that's why I brought the motherfucking thunder today like Ororo Munroe (Superhero name: Storm) with an incredible intro and an absolute BANGER of a theme song.

For my money, X-Men is not only the best comic book cartoon ever but the best comic book show ever. I may be saying that as someone that has barely watched any other comic book shows, but I stand by it. Shit, I even think that the cartoon was better than a good chunk of X-Men movies that clearly lost their way as time went on. Out of all the things I'm looking forward to in a post-Endgame MCU, the addition of the X-Men is by farrrrrr number 1 because that was the comic book I grew up reading. I feel 100000% confident that they will nail it because Kevin Feige has earned that kind of confidence and this cartoon proved that the incredible stories from the comics can translate to a screen (The cartoon is the only one that succeeded with the Dark Phoenix storyline and was able to flesh out great villains outside of Magneto).

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go binge like 5 of these episodes on Disney+ before this storm I hear outside my window knocks out my power and turns a house with 2 quarantined kids into a legitimate loony bin.