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Start Your Week With The Most Preposterous One Minute Movie Scene In History

There will never be a movie scene that brings more shock to my face than the first time I saw Brad Pitt get molly whopped by two cars in the middle of Meet Joe Black. Simply preposterous in every way, shape, or form. It goes viral about once a year now and rightfully so. This year we got the new death funeral meme (I have no idea what to call this thing just watch the video below).

I can't imagine how hilarious it must have been to film this scene. Especially if this is how Pitt was getting hit by the car. We're talking 500 takes minimum. What an iconic image in time. Hang it in Louvre. 

Maybe a runner up to that scene is when Brad breaks out his Jamaican accent. I mean what in the world…

Might have to give this one a rewatch in bed tonight. 3 hours is tough, but that's what quarantine life is all about when you can't sleep.