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McDonalds Might Be Getting Into The Brunch Game And It's The Best News I've Heard All Year



FB - It looks like McDonald’s might take a step back from the fast food breakfast wars and try its hand at brunch. Burger Business reported that McDonald’s filed to trademark the term “McBrunch” back in July 2014. A McDonald’s spokesperson said they can’t give details on how the the trademark will be used, but you can probably guess it’ll be something related to brunch. This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has filed to trademark “McBrunch,” as in 2001 they filed for it, but dropped it soon after. McDonald’s has been in a battle for breakfast supremacy as fast food joints like Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A continue to release new items. McDonald’s has tried to keep pace by testing Chorizo burritos and even making their coffee accessible at home. If McDonald’s does do something for brunch, we could be seeing the beginning stages of a new fast food battle, on a new time slot.


If there’s one thing I love doing investagatory journalism about, it’s how fast food places react to getting their asses kicked. How they rebound from getting knocked on their keisters. And McDonalds has not done shit since Taco Bell raped and pillaged the breakfast game. Not a thing. The Bell gave everyone else a smallpox blanket and never looked back. Burger King realized their breakfast is shit and started offering Whoppers early. A weird move but they know their demographic and it’s people who want Whoppers at 8am. Chickfila has (delicious) new iced coffee which really solidified them as a 5 tool breakfast player.

And now McDonalds might be coming in hot with the brunch game. Great idea, or best idea? If McDonalds starts getting liquor licenses and have McBoozy Brunches and chicks are taking Instagram pics of their McMimosas, it could net them roughly 100 billion dollars every weekend. I don’t know what a breakfast big mac would be, maybe stick some eggs and bacon in there and take out the lettuce, who knows. Maybe get an all you can eat McDonalds buffet. Unlimited nuggz? The line will be out the door, around the block, and into the next town over. A win-win-win situation for everyone. My biggest gripe with fast food places for the last 25 years has been their refusal to figure out how to serve breakfast all day, save for a couple places like Jack in the Box that we don’t have here. My second biggest gripe is they don’t at least figure out how to do extended breakfast hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings, because nobody worth a shit is up before 10:30 on either of those days. So that’s where McBrunch comes in. This is no exaggeration when I say this is up there with the wheel and the Internet and boobs in terms of life changing discoveries. Make it happen guys. Make it happen.