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J Lo and Puffy Have A Dance Battle Reunion On IG Live

In case you didnt know, the greatest couple to never make it. Forget your Bennifer Ben Affleck bullshit. J Lo and Puff ran the fucking city when they were together. Ran the whole industry. Diddy was still Puffy, and Jenny was still from the Block. Before Puffy got arrested for guns in the club and made Shyne take the fall and then had Shyne deported out of the goddam country. Thats when J Lo got cold feet about being in that thug life and she went and married Skeletor and like 9 other dudes before ending up with her Happily Ever After, Arod. 

Which is why this was so sad for me. J Lo was like "hang on my fiance is coming!" and Puff was all drunk and shit being like "Yea yea cool but how about not???" Of course Diddy is worth like a billion dollars and he was with THE single most underrated smoke of all time (no exaggeration there) Cassie for many years, so I'm not gonna lay my head down at night crying for Sean Combs. But I dont care who you are or what you went on to do in life...when you had THE ONE...and she turns into The One That Got Away...that keeps you up at night. That will keep you up at night forever. Puffy has had as much success as anyone, ever, in rap. Money, fame, women, fun. The whole 9. But listen to Senorita one time and tell me that Puff wouldnt give anything to go back and do it all over so he ends up with Jennifer Lopez...


I dont think they have done much together, if anything at all, in the last couple decades? It made my heat skip a beat to hear they were back together, even if it was just for 7 minutes on IG Live with Puffy shitfaced off Presidente beer dancing with her. This is like rich people's versions of running into your ex at a wedding and having a good time with her. The celebs just do that kinda shit on IG live in front of hundreds of thousands of people while raising a fuck ton of money. So, good on Puff for a great cause - I'm sure the people getting the money are so appreciative and I'm sure he'll go to bed tonight happy that he even got a couple minutes with the love of his life. And me? I'll go to bed tonight wearing my favorite t shirt ever, dreaming about an alternate reality where Puff and J Lo were the real Hov and Beyonce.