Video: Charlie Sheen Is Doing Great, Just Kidding He's All Sorts Of Fucked Up Outside Of a Taco Bell

YES! YES! YES! Welcome back, Charlie. I’ve missed you, ya sandbanggin sonuvabitch. There’s nothing better than Charlie Sheen at his finest. He was doing Rob Ford things before Rob Ford was doing Rob Ford things. I think it was like 3 years ago when Sheen was calling everyone Jews and all his teeth were falling out and he was doing lines of coke off Ellen’s asshole. Those my friend, were the good old days. Besides that whole “winning!” thing. Man, that was the worst. People are still saying that un-ironically. Winning! Makes me want to jump into a swimming pool of malaria. Regardless, great to see Sheen back to his old tricks. Unless he actually was just tired because he got there after a workout to get some brotein in his system. Could be it.

PS: “I’m a big fan”, now let me post this video for everyone to see. Classic big fan move.