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Weezer Drummer Catches a Frisbee Mid-Song and Doesn't Miss a Beat


Without a doubt the most exciting thing to happen with Weezer in the last decade. Good lord does that Beverly Hills song suck. Can we talk about how much that song sucks? That song fucking sucks. Weezer had a few sillies back in the day, but man, drummer bro couldn’t have been more bored if he was watching a black and white documentary about agriculture. I’m fairly sure catching that frisbee may have saved his life. He was a second from falling asleep and smashing his head on the drums. I almost fell asleep listening to that 10 second clip. Most impassioned performance of all time?

By the way, is there a douchier guy in music than Rivers Cuomo? What a terrible name and I think he’s a vegan and all that shit. Anyone named Rivers should be sent to Mars.