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Shout Out To Georgetown Baseball Who Shaved Their Heads And Raised $47,650 For Kids With Cancer

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First of all, I want to thank you guys for all the press you gave us along the way- helping us to make this event much more successful than we even imagined.

I wanted to finally get you the summary and some pictures from our cancer funding charity event. We ended up officially raising $47,650 for kids with cancer, shattering our original goals.

I have attached a bunch of pictures below, along with a link to more.

I have also included a link to s story CSN Washingotn did on the event.

I just wanted to give y’all at the stool a recap, and let you know how much we appreciated the help.



Awesome stuff. Georgetown baseball raised nearly 50k, shaved their heads, and impacted lives. Thanks to Georgetown baseball and thanks to the stoolies and everyone else who donated. Lots of props to Steve Anderson, their captain and all around great guy for putting this together. I’ve gotten multiple emails about Steve saying how great of a dude he is. Great work man.




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