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The Future is Here! People Are Now Being Sworn In On Kindles


Post - Paper books are on the decline. In 2008, the market for consumer print books was north of $15 billion. Now it’s more like $10 billion — and that number is expected to continue falling until it reaches parity with e-book sales at about $8 billion in 2017. It’s no surprise that with e-books on the rise, more and more public officials will be sworn in on them. On Monday, Suzi LeVine became the first U.S. ambassador (she’s the American representative to Switzerland) to be sworn in on an e-reader: LeVine took the oath on a digital copy of the U.S. Constitution stored on a Kindle Touch. But that’s not the only time a digital device has replaced its dead-tree predecessor. In February, New Jersey firefighters were sworn in on an iPad edition of the Bible when nobody could find a version in print.



Hah, suck a dick, books! 2014 is here, bitch ass books, and it’s taking no prisoners. Doesn’t matter if you’re a constitution, or the holy fucking bible itself, you’ve been replaced. Technology waits for no man. It’s a steam roller, full speed ahead. Wave the white flag, dumb paperback idiot books. You kinda already have, I can’t remember the last time I saw a book store. Probably about the same time I saw a Blockbuster Video. I just love victories for technology because it makes old people squirm. Dumb old people who think computers are the downfall of society and the rock n roll music is too loud just get facialized when people swear in on a kindle version of the bible. Could not make me happier.