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Matthew McConaughey Hanging Out On The Field, Watching The Redskins Practice Today

First of all, great question, Dianna. World wide I think Matthew no question. But in the USA, if you polled every single person and showed their faces, I think RG3 wins. The NFL is the biggest thing in America. RG3 is a top 5 face of the company. He’s probably the more recognizable face, especially considering..


That’s preposterous. Why would they admit that? Just lie. I guess it is an old movie to a lot of the younger guys, but come on.


So the Skins are basically shoe ins for the Super Bowl now. When you have a guy like McConaughey on your side, nothing can go wrong. All that guy does is win at life. Rubs off a little bit on the team, and boom biscuit, kiss the ring, bitches.

PS: Gang recruitment?

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