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John Mayer Is The Man, Loves That His Exes Are Writing Songs About Him

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Billboard - John Mayer says he hopes all his ex-girlfriends write songs about him, and that they’re each No. 1 hits. Mayer has already been the subject of a Taylor Swift track and Katy Perry is rumored to be writing about him as well. When prompted, the “Your Body is a Wonderland” songwriter told a paparazzo, “That’s what you’re supposed to do, man, you’re supposed to write songs… You’re just not supposed to tell everybody you’re doing it.” He added, “I actually want everybody’s song to go No. 1… I purposely stopped writing hits to give other people a chance to have No. 1 songs.”


John Mayer is the fucking man. He just plows through chicks and dumps them, then moves on to the next. Has no regards for feelings or any of that nonsense. Gets his, goes in, goes out, moves on. He’s the natural succeeder to the Leos and Clooneys. His resume is already impressive, and it just keeps on building.

More importantly though, doesn’t Katy Perry realize that when she talks about how she’s writing songs about John Mayer, he just wins even more? He already dumped Katy fucking Perry, and now she lets the world know he’s still in her head. He still runs her life. If he wants to fuck her in London at noon, you best believe she’s on a flight to London yesterday. When a chick writes a song about you, it just pumps your ego up more. It lets EVERYONE know that you were the best she’s had. Makes other girls throw their soaking wet panties right in your face and offer you a seat on theirs. John Mayer is a hero.

PS: No clue what is going on with his shirt, but it’s awesome.