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Guy Broke Out of Jail 6 Days Before His Release Date Found at a Jack in the Box

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WTOP – Police say an inmate who served 272 days then escaped from a north Portland prison with less than a week to go has been recaptured. Sgt. Pete Simpson says police responding to a tip from a corrections officer who was transporting someone else found 30-year-old Matthew Medlin late Wednesday night at a Jack in the Box in north Portland. While he was initially described as “noncompliant with commands to get on the ground,” police say Medlin surrendered after numerous officers showed up, including a K-9 unit. Simpson said Medlin was being treated for injuries suffered during his escape before being booked into jail. He had been serving time at the Columbia River Correctional Institute for burglary, sex abuse and assault when he took off early Wednesday, escaping over a fence. Medlin served 272 days, and had six left to serve. His release date was May 6.

This story isn’t about him escaping jail with 6 days left on his sentence. Nay. It’s about that the first place he went was Jack in the Box. He could not live 6 more days without Jack in the Box. We all know that feeling. I feel it literally every Sunday when Chickfila is closed. All you want are 3 chicken biscuits (2 spicy, 1 regular) and Chickfila is always fucking closed. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I feel like George Michael in Arrested Development when I remember Chickfila is closed, walking all sad with my head down, collapsing onto the floor, full of sadness. This inmate dude went 272 days without the apple of his eye, Jack in the Box. He couldn’t go any longer. Like, imagine the scene when he’s trying to decide if he’s gonna break out or not. Your standard angel on one shoulder, devil on the other shoulder situation. On one shoulder, bro, it’s 6 more days then you have as much JITB as you want for the rest of your life. On the other shoulder, holy shit, you need a burger in the worst way right now you literally cannot go another second without it. You know that feeling when you want to text someone really, really badly and you know you shouldn’t and then you break down and do it and then all that relief comes pouring out of you…and then 10 minutes later when they haven’t responded you’re like “FUCK!”? That’s exactly what happened here. He felt so great for that 4 minutes at the JITB, but now it’s back to the clink for him. Shoulda never sent that text bro. Shoulda never sent that text.