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Diddy And JLo Are Currently Vibing Their Dicks Off On IG Live

Listen, I know we're not a gossip sight and I kept his name out of the title for good reason...but A Rod, what the hell are you thinking dude? Do you not know JLo and Diddy's history? The ring? The court case? The dress? Let me back it up. The reason they're online together in the first place is for Diddy's Team Love Dance-A-Thon for healthcare workers, which is a great cause, but these two basically just used it to rekindled their flame in front of the entire world. I mean she's reminding him of dance moves she taught him back in the day for Christ's sake...

Not only that, she's calling him 'Puffy.' No one has called Puffy Puff since JLo called Puffy Puffy. Look at these videos: 

Again, I'm not a home wrecker. I don't have the power to wreck homes, I just call it like I see it and these two clearly still have chemistry. Good for them. And even gooder for A Rod for being comfortable with it. People don't forget. Happy Easter Kings.