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The "New Normal" of Birthday Cakes

Everyone loves throwing around the term "new normal" lately. 

5 people at a time allowed in a store? 

"Thats the new normal"

6 feet minimum separation at all times?

"Yup, new normal"

Gloves and face-masks mandatory if you leave your house?

"Duh, we're living in the new normal"

No more rim jobs ?

"Welcome to the new normal"

Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes selling for kidney like prices on the black market?

"You didn't hear? This is the new normal"

Apparently the new normal also includes birthday cakes for your wife's 41st Birthday with the hero of quarantine; a deceased, well-endowed, gay male porn star on them. 

This cake comes from a friend in Chicago who would prefer to remain unnamed but swears this wasn't one of those bachelorette party "pranks". This was for his wife's birthday. Guess she's a big fan of the memes featuring the gentleman sitting atop the cake, that have been making the world laugh and saving us from losing our minds during these trying times.

Well played and job well done by Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park.