LeBron Could Not Be More Awkward On Diddy's IG Live

You know it's been a while since LeBron did something that made me cringe. For some reason I feel like this entire season outside of his normal Taco Tuesday routine there hasn't been too many cringe LeBron moments. It's mostly been all positive as the dude was in the middle of throwing up a ridiculous Year 17 season. But leave it to the quarantine to end that streak. From what I can gather on the internet Diddy is doing a bunch of these with different celebrities. Some are better than others


And then there's LeBron. Everything coming off as super forced and awkward, no wonder his kids didn't want to join in. He definitely put that hat on just for this occasion and thought he looked super cool and hip like the kids nowadays

Needed to make sure he had the wine in the shot too. Did you know LeBron drinks wine? So zany! I understand we're all trying to pass the time during this bullshit but that was tough to watch. 

Never before had I been so proud to have two parents who barely know what the internet is. Pretty sure my mom still plays Words With Friends. It's comforting to know I'll never have to worry about them making a fool of themselves on Instagram, or trying to do a TikTok, shit they barely understand what Twitter is. They just got a new TV in their house after like 15 years and don't even bother watching the HD channels. They still have a landline and my mom definitely still uses the phonebook. All these things use to make me shake my head in disgust but now I'm thankful. I know I'll never have to live in a world where they are on IG dancing with Diddy and begging me to join in. That's a win in my book.