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Tiger Talking About How He's Had 20 Hole-In-Ones And How ZERO Of Them Came During The Best Part Of His Career Is Incredible

What. In. The. World. Did. He. Just. Say? 

First of all Tiger having 19 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) hole in ones before 2000 is fucking RIDICULOUS. That means Tiger had 19 hole in ones at the age of 25. But guess what, it somehow gets even crazier. How many did he have during the prime of his career when he played the greatest golf in human history? ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. None! Not a one! When Tiger Woods was lighting the golf and sports world ON FIRE and winning at an incomprehensible clip never not once did he have a hole in one. I can't even wrap my brain around that. Oh and then a couple years ago he was golfing and he made one and it was the first one in around 20 years. What are you talking about! None of what Tiger explained made sense but it was obviously the truth. I still can't decide which is crazier, having 19 hole in ones at the age of 25 OR then going 20 years without one during arguably the greatest championship run sports have ever seen? I think it's the 19 before age 25 but ask me tomorrow and I might have a different. What an anecdote from Tiger there.