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Click To Play The First Ever Barstool Sports Easter Egg Hunt

Obviously this is no time to have a real life Easter Egg Hunt. So we are going to throw it back to a simpler time when Kate Upton was running the internet and have a social distancing friendly virtual Easter Egg Hunt. You try to find all the eggs in the video above and I will provide the answers below. No peeking!






Answer Key:

Bonus points if you found the white egg being dyed in the first picture. I am also not sure if like four of the eggs on the right side of the second picture are actually eggs or just some sort of pastel decorations because I am an Old with bad eyes. If you found every egg, please tweet @UncleChaps and he will send you a small bag of Cadbury Robin Eggs (the GOAT Easter candy) as your prize.

Thanks for playing everybody and I'll see you back here next year on whatever Sunday Easter falls on, hopefully not still in quarantine because there is a 100000% chance I will have lost my mind by then. Happy Easter!