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Eric Decker Says He'd Miss The Super Bowl For The Birth Of His Child

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NEW YORK (WFAN) — New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker thinks it’s “a cop-out” that Richard Sherman won’t commit to a plan of action should his girlfriend give birth to their first child on Super Sunday. So what would Decker do? He told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Friday that it’s a no-brainer. He’d miss the Super Bowl. “Well, it’s different when it’s a girlfriend and a wife. So I think if it was my wife giving birth, you know, ultimately I believe my purpose is to be a father and a husband,” Decker said. “It’s easier said now because I’m not preparing for the game and I’m not in that situation. But with a clear mind, I guess, thinking about that situation he’s in — I mean, you never want to be in it. You’ve gotta time your conception a little better, I would say. But I would be there for my wife and my newborn child.” Sherman is hoping his soon-to-be son will hold out until after Seattle’s game against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The Seahawks cornerback said Thursday that there are contingencies in place if the baby arrives on Sunday, and he’ll just cross that bridge when — or if — it comes. “I couldn’t miss that,” said Decker, who welcomed a daughter with country star Jessie James Decker last year. “That’s the Super Bowl of my life.”

I’m sure there’s gonna be a contingency of Jets fans upset about this. I’m sure some people will think this means Decker isnt a competitor and isnt committed and all this other silliness.

This is 10,000% a dude who just doesn’t wanna get shit from his wife. As we are all WELL aware, Eric Decker and the Jets aren’t worried about playing in the Super Bowl. As we are also well aware, Eric Decker’s wife is kind of a maniac. So if I’m Decker and I’m doing hypothetical questions about a Super Bowl I’m not playing in and a child I’m not having, I am absolutely saying what my wife wants to hear. I’m saying whatever makes Jessie Decker happy. I dont care if you’re a star athlete millionaire in the NFL, no dude wants to willingly put himself in the Doghouse and listen to his wife bitch and moan. So its like “Sure honey. I’d never miss the birth of our child. I’d miss every Super Bowl ever for you and our family. Its the Super Bowl of my Life.” Blah Blah blah. Whatever, babe. I can guaranfuckingtee you if the Jets were playing in the Super Bowl and Jessie Decker was about to pop a kid out, Eric Decker would be suiting up. No doubt about it. To be perfectly honest, I bet Jessie Decker would tell him to play. She’d be like go win a ring and be Super Bowl MVP and we’ll be even richer and we can continue to fund my fake career.

But bottom line is those comments are nothing more than CYA from Decker. Cover Your Ass and dont go potentially shooting yourself in the foot with your crazy wife.