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Jimmy Fallon Killing It At A Piano Bar In NYC

Walkin On Air

Piano Man


Gothamist – Jimmy Fallon is doing everything he can to transition into the Bill Murray phase of his career early: an inebriated Fallon was spotted at West Village bar Marie’s Crisis this past weekend knocking back shots and singing along with the crowd. Fallon, who was wearing a Yankees hat, even got on top of the bar at one point and sang “Theme from Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)” while doing his best impression of Michelle Pfeiffer from The Fabulous Baker Boys. Maybe he’s just hitting the bottle extra hard since realizing he blew it with Nicole Kidman?

Jimmy fuckin Fallon. Guy just crushes life. Probably the most unexpected super star in the TV industry today. Dude went from being the guy who always laughed during SNL skits and shitty movies like Fever Pitch to being the biggest name in late night TV. Pretty much reinvented the Tonight Show. And the best part is he’s now super rich and super popular but he can still do stuff like get shitfaced at a piano bar and sing along with every one. For some people fame becomes too much of an issue, cant even go out in public. For some people fame goes to their head and they think they’re better than the public. When you’re at that Jimmy Fallon level its perfect. He still seems like an average guy and everyone in NYC seems to kinda treat him that way. Sure they’re taking pictures and filming and shit but he’s basically just like any other shitfaced idiot hanging at the bar belting out tunes. Uses his fame to get away with laying on top of the piano and thats about it. Awesome life.