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KFC Radio 102: Super Bowl 2015 Edition

There is one major takeaway from episode 102 of KFC Radio:

Eating ass has hit a tipping point and is about to blow up mainstream.

Plain and simple 2015 is the year of rim jobs. Feits said eating ass should be declared Time’s Person of the Year. Alison Williams getting her ass eaten on TV was the moment it went pop. Nicki Minaj is constantly rapping about it. Every porn you throw on these days has a girl licking ass or getting her ass licked. Its officially “in” to eat butt. Bout to blow up like Steve Harvey.

Its been going on forever but its been considered taboo. Nobody really admitted to it. Nobody would say if they really liked it or not. Well not anymore. If you dont lick butt or get your butt licked you’re a prude. Thats facts only, folks. You’re a square if you’re not down with that scene. Step your game up and get your butt licked/lick butt in 2015. And if you’re already into that sort of butt stuff, dont be afraid to admit it. Its what the cool kids do now.

As for the rest of the show, the chick calling from the hospital completely trashed was hilarious. We break down the best ways to watch the Super Bowl. Talk about Friday Night Lights and more. A+ edition of KFC Radio to get you fired up for Super Bowl weekend.