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3 Foot 11 Stripper Midget Marries US Army Sergeant

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Daily MailThey say opposites attract and that’s certainly the case for 3ft 11in Kat Hoffman, whose husband-to-be is almost double her height. The 26-year-old from Bellefontaine, Ohio, who earns more than $1,000 a week as a stripper, met 6ft Eich Buscher last year through a friend and they hit it off instantly. ‘Our personalities clicked . . . I always go for tall men, I love the size difference,’ Kat mused. Busher, 35, says their difference in appearance ‘does pose some problems’ but nothing too big that they can’t handle. ‘Obviously she walks slower,’ he joked.  The wrestling enthusiast who is a soldier in the U.S. army has a full body tattoo from his neck to his ankles so is used to getting ‘strange looks’ in public. He continued: ‘This whole world is filled with different kinds of types of people and you have to realise that some people will not accept you for who you are.  ‘You just ignore those people.’ Busher’s fiancee was born with diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism which means her arms, legs and torso are shorter than average and weighs just 61lbs. Growing up she faced abuse for her size but now she’s having the last laugh after forging a lucrative career as an exotic dancer and finding the love of her life. ,The unlikely pin-up girl said: ‘At school I felt like an outcast, people bullied me because of my size and I was angry at the world. ‘Since getting famous as a dancer I’ve learned to be myself. Now all the people who ignored me at school want to be my friend on Facebook. ‘I call myself a smile producer – not an exotic entertainer. I just want to put smiles on people’s face.’

God Bless America. God bless this great, great nation from sea to shining sea. Because only in this country can you find a 3 foot 11 midget who’s become a stripper, but also an honorable serviceman named EICH who wants to marry her. Kat and Eich are the true American couple. They represent the diversity, freedom, and capitalism that America is all about. In what other country could a 3 foot tall dwarf become an exotic dancer? In what other country are there men out there who are free to say “Yes, actually I would enjoy a lap dance from a 3 foot tall dwarf?” In what other country could an Army Sergeant marry this little person pole dancer and nobody bats an eyelash? No other country, thats the answer.

Because men like Eich Buscher are out there on the front lines protecting all those American values. Kat Hoffman is out there persevering despite her handicap. Its because of courageous men and women like them that we have midget strippers falling in love at all. So I salute and thank this lovely couple for embodying everything that the good Old US of A is all about.

PS – A Stripper calling herself a “smile producer” instead of a “stripper” is some incredible PR spin. Bravo, babe. I’d say if we’re being honest you’re probably a “confused boner producer” but we dont need to get too literal.