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Charlie Day Said Wade Boggs Told Him He Once Drank 107 Beers In A Day

Sporting News – The legend of Wade Boggs and his beer-drinking exploits on cross country flights are the fodder for coutnless legends. The story goes that Boggs drank 64 beers on a road trip. That urban legend becomes the premise for the season premiere of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in an episode titled “The Gang Beats Boggs.” Yes, the “Sunny” crew is out to beat Wade Boggs’ beer-drinking record and the Hall of Famer plays a role in the episode. Charlie Day shared a clip on Monday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.” Boggs also clarified something about the legend of his massive beer-drinking total.

Everybody knows the “64 beers on a cross country flight,” but here’s the latest wrinkle in Wade Boggs folklore. It was actually 107 in a day. And you know what? I believe him, yo. Its completely and utterly ridiculous to think that someone drank 64 beers in 6 hours. 107 over the course of a day. But I dont even hesitate in believing that Wade Boggs did it. As far as I’m concerned that is absolute gospel. Ironclad truth.

And I also believe this episode of Always Sunny has potential to be the funniest in the history of the series. Charlie Kelly meets Wade Boggs as the gang tries to beat Wade Boggs’ record of number of beers on a cross country flight? I cant even come up with a plot that even begins to rival that. Its one of the greatest sports Urban Legends (AKA 100% true story) meets one of the funniest TV shows ever. Cant miss stuff.