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Pong Title Secured: Mike Stud Wins Ballina-Cup Championship

It's all over. After 15 fantastic matches spanning over the course of the last two weeks, Mike is the 2020 Ballina-Cup Champion after taking down the Nelkboys 3-1 in a best-of-five series. 

If we're being honest, this was Mike's tournament to lose in the first place. He's the commissioner, so he makes the rules. But on top of that, he continued to deliver A+ performances match after match. In fact, the champ had not dropped a single GAME heading into last night's title bout.


After losing his first and only game of the tournament in Game 1 vs. the Nelkboys, Mike flipped the switch and dominated the final three contests. He flipped the switch to championship mode. And the rest is history, as he clinched the trophy with this game-winner:

Flawless performance. Flawless celebration. Congrats to Mike and a big thank you to all 16 competitors for participating in this tournament during the tough times we are all experiencing.

Oh, and one last thing. After more than 23,000 brackets were filled out prior to the tournament beginning, we have an SEVEN-way tie for first. Congrats to the following participants, who all earned 29 points:






Ryan Chase


Who will take home the grand prize of $1,000? There is an entertaining tiebreaker plan set in place. The seven winners will each go on Instagram Live with Champion Mike Stud. They will each get one (1) beer pong shot to put the ball in a cup. The last one standing wins the cash, and everyone else receives a $75 gift card to the Barstool Sports Store.