Video Of Jacob deGrom Striking Out The First 8 Batters He Faced Last Night

What a show put on by Jacob deGrom last night. 8 up, 8 down to start the game – 8 straight Ks. Only the second pitcher since 1900 to do it. Should have been 9 too as the guy who snapped the streak was the opposing pitcher. If he struck out everyone through 3 full innings I would have fully expected him to go Steve Nebraska on the Marlins. Perfect game with 27 Ks. He finished with 13 Ks and the no decision because the rest of this team sucks, but nonetheless his performance was deGrominant.

Watching him deal last night made me realize 2 things – 1) Striking out 20 batters is fucking insane. He struck out 8 through 3, and he would have needed to double that and still come up with 4 more Ks over the course of his outing. You obviously gotta go a full 9 for it to even be remotely possible, and you need to be over powering with every single pitch of every single at bat. You slip up or let up for even one batter and it almost becomes impossible. Really just puts Clemens, Wood and Randy Johnson’s performances in perspective.

2) If the Mets don’t deal one of these arms I’m going to fucking explode. Back when it was just Harvey and Wheeler and Niese and Gee with Mejia and Montero lurking around, the prevailing idea was the Mets still had enough arms to deal from their surplus and address their weakness. Since then, Syndergaard arrived and the 2014 Rookie of the Year. deGrom looks like he could be better than any of them. They already had a surplus of pitching and that was before adding 2 more studs into the mix. There’s just NO OTHER OPTION at this point. Unless we’re rolling with a 7 or 8 man rotation this is just Baseball 101. 1st day stuff. Someone needs to be moved.


PS – The 2 most exciting moments of this otherwise dismal 2014 season have both been at the hands of deGrom. His no hit bid a couple months back and this electric start were the 2 funnest moments of the year.