Chick Gives A Whole Tutorial On How To Make Your Boobs Huge By Stuffing Your Bra With Socks

Breast Enlargement Socks by videofalcons


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Hey listen I’m not a fan of false advertising. When you take a girl home and take her bra off and socks are flying everywhere like when you open up the door to the dryer, thats not fair. If you were hoping for big old titties in your face and when the time comes you’re not getting them, that stinks. But here’s the thing – in the heat of the moment, as you’re about to have sex with that girl, you 500% do not care. Big, medium, small, you’re just pumped this chick is about to let you inside of her. And whats even more important, is even though this was all an illusion, everyone at the bar or the party who saw her still thinks you’re having sex with the blonde with the great rack. So even though you maybe didn’t get to motorboat exactly how you thought you would, or didn’t get as much bounce as you were hoping for, bottom line is you’re still getting credit for nailing the chick with the great tits. Thats more important than actually nailing a chick with great tits, you know? You’re still having sex with this chick anyway and everyone is like “Yea man! You fucked that big titted girl!” Just the same way she has the reputation of being a chick with huge boobs even though she isnt, you get the rep of being the guy who fucks chicks with big boobs even though you didnt.

What more can you ask for? Again it would be nice if it was actual boobs and not bras with socks but who cares. They looks great. She’s happy and confident, you’re happy and confident, nobody has to know the truth except for you and her and by that point you’re already having sex. Its a win win for everyone involved as far as I’m concerned.