Noah Syndergaard Feeding Lions With His Pitching Hand

Well looks like we’re gonna need a patch for Noah Syndergaard too because he’s about to be mauled by a lion.

Look I’m not gonna go crazy on Syndergaard here. I understand these guys can’t live in a bubble. I understand they’re not made of glass and they’re allowed to have fun in their personal lives and aren’t going to be on a pitchers mound 24/7/365. That being said, can we please leave FEEDING THE LIONS WITH YOUR PITCHING HAND OUT OF IT??? Can you throw me that one bone, Noah? Here I am worried about all the normal Mets stuff – Tommy John surgery or freak accidents where you slip and fall in the shower or injure yourself in some other completely harmless manner. The deck is absolutely stacked against these Mets prospects panning out already as it is, and thats before we introduce fucking lion attacks into the mix.

All I’m asking for here is a little bit of caution. Let this pitching staff actually come to fruition and win a few ball games before you tear my heart out or in this case before a lion tears yours out. I’m not gonna sit here and tell Sandy Alderson how to do his job but a “No Lions Allowed” clause might need to be worked into contracts at this point.

PS – Exhibit A: