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Lowering The Bar: Bruce vs Chocolate Cake

You can do it Brucey! As Lowering the Bar looks at food in film, it would be an insult to not include the most delicious looking dessert in the history of cinema, The Chocolate Cake from Matilda

Cookie's sweat and blood being ingredients in the cake was just hyperbole (or was it?) , but to me as a kid, it was a recipe for nightmares. Bruce finished the cake, but it wouldn't earn him any awards. The world record for most cake eaten is 14.5 lbs in 8 minutes. All Bruce earned was pride, diabetes, and being smashed over the head by the Trunchbull like a bar room brawl.

Other Cake World Records:

Crab cake: 46 cakes / 10 min

Cheesecake: 11lbs / 9 min 

King Cake: 14 cakes / 8 min 

Fruit Cake: 4 lbs 14 oz / 10 min

Funnel Cake: 5.9 lbs / 10 min

Tiramisu: 4 lbs / 6 minutes

Pancakes: 50 3.25oz pancakes / 10 min

 Cake Ingredient World Records:

Butter: 7 quarter pound sticks / 5 min 

Eggs: 141 hard boiled eggs / 8 min 


The closest we've come we've come to anything that tastes somewhat enjoyable on Lowering The Bar was fruit cake and egg nog. Never will we eat anything as enjoyable as chocolate cake ... unless it actually has blood and sweat in it. 

Matilda Chocolate Cake: 0.5 /10 (even with blood) on the Lowering The Bar Scale of Disgusting