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Fore Play History Presents: The Call

The Call. Easily one of the greatest moments in Fore Play history right there. I'd say it's #2 behind us actually meeting Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach but it's a strong #2. The boys, with the help of Tiger, chased Dave Portnoy out of his own building. At that point on Masters Sunday it had become apparent that Tiger was gonna win his 5th green jacket and first major in over a decade so what did Dave do? The infamous Tiger Woods critic faked a phone call and got the hell outta dodge before we could celebrate in his face. He didn't even look at the phone before he "answered" the call! Anyone who follows Barstool Sports knows just how rare it is to get a win over Dave Portnoy but the Fore Play boys got one that day. All thanks to Tiger. To this day Dave says the phone call was a family emergency but has never put forth evidence to support that claim.