First Look At Sharknado 2 - The Citi Field Mets Game Scene

You know whats the best part about this clip? At the very end when we see that the upper deck at Citi is empty. Here’s a movie thats about fucking tornados picking up sharks and raining them down upon dry land like some sort of biblical shark plague, yet they still took the time be realistic with the attendance at a Mets game. Like there was some producer who caught the original cut with the stadium full and was like “Hold up! Who the hell put fans inside Citi Field? That would never happen.”

Its a shame filming of this was already completed a while ago because looking back now, including Big Sexy Bartolo would have been a grand slam, home run by the director. Imagine like 5 or 6 sharks feeding off of all the meat ‘Tolo has to offer? Would have been perfect.

Sharknado 2: The Second One airs TONIGHT on SyFy. 9pm. Hold on to your butts, folks.