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Chiefs DL Tanoh Kpassagnon Made Andy Reid Easter Eggs

This is the wholesome content I'm here for this Easter. Just a couple months after winning a Super Bowl, Andy Reid is immortalized in egg form. And those eggs are actually freakishly accurate. Tanoh Kpassagnon has some serious artistic ability.

There's something about the egg on the top right that just makes me happy. I don't know how anyone can see Andy Reid smile — on an Easter egg, no less — and not feel good. 2020 has obviously been a shitty year for everybody, but remembering that Andy Reid won a Super Bowl this year makes for at least one happy sports memory for everybody — or at least everybody outside the Bay Area.

Y'all sit back and enjoy some marshmallow Peeps — the GOAT Easter candy — and some time with your families today, if you haven't gotten enough of that over the last month.

Happy Easter, everyone.